Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Celestine Prophecy Motion Picture

Well I do my Internet browsing research thing and usually I search for stuff that really interests me. One thing that I got a hold of was the Celestine Prophecy Motion Picture intro on Interesting thing is I never even knew that it made its way to the home video selection. After I found out I got the DVD on order and rush delivery from Amazon. The Celestine Prophesy, if you aren't already aware of the idea, comes from a novel/self help book that is a real must read. Its kind of like "The Secret" but it came out way before it. Its basically about some ancient scrolls found in Peru that helps man kinds evolution. Of coarse with any typical change comes controversy and conflict of all sorts. The scrolls originally are 8 basic insights on what a person or people should do to evolve or transform into a more powerful self and union. Its focus is entirely on energy, and how we need to build, develop, and focus our energy to have a great human community here on Earth.

Usually, a book and a movie doesn't really make a good match. Either the actors don't work, or the script totally sucks, or something ends up wrong and the movie is better than the book or the book ends up better than the movie. When the movie first started I did feel a little out of sync with the way that the movie dialogue carried on and the original author portrayed it. This little mismatch of tempo dropped off about half way through the movie. From then on, the dialogue, the action, and the message followed the book perfectly. The cast did an ok job as well. And at this point, I can't say which one I like best. But, of coarse somethings just will not make it to the big screen so I suggest you read the book first. I know this is a late review but I also know that there are a bunch of people just like me who love this story and never knew that there was a major video production. In came out in 2006 and I never heared of it at all.

I went to the liberty of embedding the veoh intro to the Celestine Prophesy on this blog just below. Although you may get a better experience if you follow this link here. I also posted the original Celestine Prophecy book and the DVD to be purchased from Amazon just below and in my Amazon panel. Click on the book link and it will take you straight to the amazon page so you can get a better idea of the book by allowing you to read a couple of pages and get some great reviews. Its a must read and national best seller, so don't be afraid to buy it. Cool thing is the book nor the DVD is that expensive on Amazon.

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