Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Celestine Prophecy Motion Picture

Well I do my Internet browsing research thing and usually I search for stuff that really interests me. One thing that I got a hold of was the Celestine Prophecy Motion Picture intro on Interesting thing is I never even knew that it made its way to the home video selection. After I found out I got the DVD on order and rush delivery from Amazon. The Celestine Prophesy, if you aren't already aware of the idea, comes from a novel/self help book that is a real must read. Its kind of like "The Secret" but it came out way before it. Its basically about some ancient scrolls found in Peru that helps man kinds evolution. Of coarse with any typical change comes controversy and conflict of all sorts. The scrolls originally are 8 basic insights on what a person or people should do to evolve or transform into a more powerful self and union. Its focus is entirely on energy, and how we need to build, develop, and focus our energy to have a great human community here on Earth.

Usually, a book and a movie doesn't really make a good match. Either the actors don't work, or the script totally sucks, or something ends up wrong and the movie is better than the book or the book ends up better than the movie. When the movie first started I did feel a little out of sync with the way that the movie dialogue carried on and the original author portrayed it. This little mismatch of tempo dropped off about half way through the movie. From then on, the dialogue, the action, and the message followed the book perfectly. The cast did an ok job as well. And at this point, I can't say which one I like best. But, of coarse somethings just will not make it to the big screen so I suggest you read the book first. I know this is a late review but I also know that there are a bunch of people just like me who love this story and never knew that there was a major video production. In came out in 2006 and I never heared of it at all.

I went to the liberty of embedding the veoh intro to the Celestine Prophesy on this blog just below. Although you may get a better experience if you follow this link here. I also posted the original Celestine Prophecy book and the DVD to be purchased from Amazon just below and in my Amazon panel. Click on the book link and it will take you straight to the amazon page so you can get a better idea of the book by allowing you to read a couple of pages and get some great reviews. Its a must read and national best seller, so don't be afraid to buy it. Cool thing is the book nor the DVD is that expensive on Amazon.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

blackberry curve 8320 review

I just had the opportunity to get a phone upgrade from t-mobile all behind a choice of getting a curve or a pearl. I really wanted a blackberry but noticed how the curve had a wi-fi connection, at the time I also thought it had GPS. To my disappointment there is no GPS but there is an option of the infamous blue tooth puck (an external global positioning system that uses blue tooth technology to refer location analysis) You can find one here: BlackBerry Accessories Store.

I absolutely love the wi-fi connection.There is a cool ability to be on a call and browse the web while connected to wi-fi. The only problem I have with wi-fi is finding an open and available signal while out and about. Well there is always T mobile hot spots around or just letting edge takeover. In wi-fi all of my pages take a noticeable, yet still minimal amount of time to load. Now after spending all the money to get the curve, I was a little disappointed in the fact that you don't have the ability to load any video or flash at all. You do, but you have to buy a third party that converts the video and its stored vids not streaming. And where is the video recorder as advertised, by the way. It would be so cool to also be able to download executable software once you get the memory upgrades. I know, I know its a PDA and to be honest the organizational options run perfectly on the blackberry. It stores every single call log and text message. In fact, there are even messages from my old phone that had long been deleted. I am going to stick with the curve for now. I even here there is going to be a new blackberry 4.3 O/S that will possibly address some of the issues I spoke of above. Like the wise man says; we'll see.

I wrote this blog entry with my blackberry curve over a wi-fi connection. If you are like me and you travel a lot and in need for T Mobile Hot Spot locations there is a list of them here: T Mobile Hot Spot Locations

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wing Chun On Stage 6!!!!!!!!!

I ran across this really cool Wing Chun foreign television show on Stage 6. Its only up to its second episode in post presently, but for what I can see its definitely promising. Now, I absolutely love wing chun, or any martial arts (but wc is my favorite), for that matter, and I am incredibly excited about the show. The moves in this syndicate seem to be very authentic in their usage, approach and application. Unfortunately for me its 100% Chinese with no subs. Since I don't speak very much Chinese at all I try to follow along until the fabulous fight scenes come on. I did have a class in Mandarin but they speak too fast for me to catch on. Now if you don't know anything about wing chun it was the form of Kung Fu that Bruce Lee practiced before coming over to the states and then subsequently changing his technique to the "no way is way" application of styles called Jet Kun Do. It was started by a female Buddhist monk named Ng Mui, and basically, the application itself calls for the use of strikes that have an extreme power but lack brute force. There is also an emphasis using specially applied blocks that guard the bodies essential organs. So it would be perfect for people who have smaller or presumably weaker bodies and women wanting more abilities to protect sensitive feminine areas that have harsh effects upon injury. Wing Chun is rooted in calmness, a gentle delicate application with sound sensitivity and a perfect structure and alignment, and of course chi. Goto WikiPedia to find out some more detailed info ( you may just like it ). There is even a movie entitled Wing Chun starring Michelle Yoh . Below I posted a link to the episodes page so you can go back weekly to see if something else was uploaded. I also posted the stage 6 shows to view here. Check em out it's pretty dope.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

I like Light Sabers!

I am a huge Star Wars fan and I am also a huge fan of cinematography and Adobe After Effects so I wanted to make a small independent light saber compilation. Most likely these were made with the infamous particle generator from Wondertouch's Particle Illusion 3. Now I'm extremely new to particle illusion but I think its one of the coolest programs out there. I am also extremely new to Adobe After Effects and motion graphics in general but I still find this program to knock other competitive programs out the water. When working on a project in After Effects I noticed that it was incredibly difficult to create ready for television animations that were smooth, eye catchy, and brilliant. That is where the particle illusion program comes in very handy. Its not really meant for a newbie to the After Effects system but is still very easy to handle and can probably help your learning curve due to the excitement of cool tricks, particles and transitions built right in. What's also cool is that you tweak the effects for your project and they don't stand out looking cookie cutter. But you still need patience an a strong imagination.

"6 In The Morining"

"RvD2: Ryan vs. Dorkman 2"

"Wushu Duel"

"Wondertouch Particle Illusion 3 Showreel"

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cold Starting

I'm listenin' to some cool hip hop. I made a compilation of my top ten favorite producers in Rhapsody. Something I'm probably going to post later.(mood hint::introduction).

Right now I am currently working on a design for an online gallery. Its taking me a minute to get the sketches up here but they soon will get posted. But be patient. I am creating a full journal on my design process and I want this to be my big bang to style. So in the meantime, I have decided to take a break from the design upload, and check up on my other portals and blogs like, facebook,
blackplanet, and what not. Hopefully I can finish all of this new work I'm doing, get the sketches and finished work on here, and also at
I just had an idea of redoing all of the customizations of my other blogs. I am even in the process for creating a completely different blog for this site. So stay tuned for that.

But for now, since I went and checked up on my myspace account, after months of not even thinking about it. Once there at my myspace, I was drawn to my collection of old works in the presentation. I am thinking of getting rid of it all together and making a better way to showcase and present my works. I dare not add anything new because I think it just doesn't fit the mode at all. But before I come up with the new scheme (well actually I already have) I put the works here below. Just to show where I have been. Tell me what you think. All of these designs were done before I graduated from college two years ago. There were a lot of works in this period of time that sparked my whole design reasoning and seasoning all together. Unfortunately, when in school you don't have the time to really let an art piece grow and speak for itself. Which is why I took the time to post it here. So, hopefully there is great reflection on the style and its growth. Annnnd, hopefully you like it.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Idea Seeds: Increase and Development

I'm coming up with some cool ideas for my portfolio and I am looking for ways to express them. In the past I was simply a designer that did normal layouts in Adobe Pagemaker, Indesign, and Photoshop. But one thing I noticed about my design was that I was a bit of an extremist. I couldn't get clean flat minimalist designs. Must have been my Libra roots (go figure). Remembering back I was always drawn to graffiti. And I can remember coming up with tags and putting them on the walls. I never thought of my self as an artist even though I had advanced art classes in high school and majored in art at college. One of the reasons I decided to get a degree from Eastern Michigan University was because I had two cool friends before I went to college. One was a graphic designer and knew Adobe Photoshop really well. He gave me the honor of showing me how to use the program. What was interesting was that I didn't even want to do design at the time and had no inclination for Photoshop. I didn't even pick my major yet at college. But the fascination of being able to manipulate images digitally became an inspiration that would never die. At the same time I was getting tutorials from my friend. Another friend of mine was inspiring me by his photography. I would hold blank stares into his images which seemed like hours. From there I grabbed my fathers Canon AE1 P camera and hit the streets. I think I must have taken over 200-300 rolls of film and about 50 came out ok and another 15 were really really good (or at least I thought). After showing the photos to the photographer friend he would tear the concepts and compositions apart pointing at the pictures screaming "focus, focus, focus!". Then there came the poetry where I would sit at my event less retail job at the African Shop and write poem after sections after notebook. I would write on anything. Now I want to blend them all together. And I often end up in department stores carrying Marc Bucanen's Ecko and just staring at the t-shirts wondering why didn't I think of that. I think the ideas just hit me and I would like for you to check back to see if I put them up. Everything is in sketch phase and i am doing just like that poetry, just like that photography, and just like my designs. Im constantly doing what it is. And whenever an idea hits me its going down on whatever I can get it on. I might just put up some of the sketches. Check back periodically.
and Thanx for reading.

How To Become a Published Poet???

I have always wanted to do the published poet thing. Where I have a hard back or paper back book. I wanted a majorly published book able to find my cool looking publishing in large bookstores like or within Borders Books and Music. Every where I have searched for information has turned up like a dry well. They usually point to individual publishing such as dorrence or xlibris. Now my impression of dorrence and xlibris is that you can do your own basic book or publication to your liking but it doesn't seem like its of the highest quality.I had the opportunity of signing up with xlibris just to check out how their system operates and found it to be extremely annoying. Once they had my name on their list they sent me literature that filled my trash can quick. They, also, constantly called with some starving sales associate on the other end that wanted me to just shovel out $1200 to $3000, or more, for a publication. Its funny you can't help but laugh because they prompt you to the option like you are buying a candy bar at a gas station. Books have to be well thought out to have it be received by the correct target audience. You want your book very well organized so that it reads well and has some compelling pulls on emotions and suspense. You can't just rush into it after being pressured over the phone or by reading some brochure. Now, I know that there are publishers out there but every time I tried to get information on their contacts and process I was told that I would have to have a production geared for high impact and a large return on royalties. That's literally impossible for a person that goes to a coffee shop every now and again and posts his poetry on the ever saturated internet blogs such as Essentially, a major book turns out to be a play on confidence for your particular idea, your face, and your name in my understanding and opinion. The aftermath of all of the confusion, and the depression from getting noes on my poetry style opted me to give up in failure. I deleted my blog on, said I wasn't going to write again as well, and afterwards I received a pretty cool email from a company called Author House. This company seems promising. At first I ignored it because I was getting constant emails. But what caught my attention was the title saying "YOU CAN GET YOUR BOOK PUBLISHED FOR FREE!". Now I have already, just recently, set up my account and have began to take a little time to set up my manuscript to get it started. The cool thing about AuthorHouse is that they set it up, publish, and print it for free. There is a bookstore that you buy the books from and you gain a commission off of the high quality finished piece. If you are an artist, or a poet, or a photographer like myself and you want to get published, you don't want to be haggled into the process, and you know you don't have the money or the notoriety for a major publishing program, then go the Author House way. But like Lavar Burton used to say. "You Don't Have to Take My Word For It."

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Hey whassup!

People call me Sun. I don't really remember how I got the name Sun Rhythms. I can remember back in the day they used to have Night Rhythms on 92.3 (they probably still do), and I remember me asking why everything had to be about the night if it revolved around love or love making, why not the light and heat of the sun. I personally think that sunlight is one of the most sensual things. I think the name Sun Rhythms probably came about because of my many days being lost and found drifting away in my day dreams while staring at the horizon delicately kissed by water mesmerized by the cool vibes of wind. A place where I sit still and the earth and sun dances to dizzy bird songs until the stars twinkle on some hard rock at a quiet lake in a secret spot. I'm also usually known for another favorite past time where I am caught in the act of just chillin, head bobbing, a complex polyrhythmic, yet relaxing ambiance of flute and drum or trumpet and sax, maybe a lil bit of Frakie and maze, or some Sam Cooke over coat the environments temperature with a whole lot of soul, funk, blues, jazz. I mean, I don't know if there is one particular music that I like. I do know that I like jungle, down tempo beats in a car in the summer time with the window open at high speeds with a lady at the passenger. And when I'm working on something hard and complicated I like that hard and gritty metallic techno. When I'm bummed out I like gangsta beats, not always the rhymes, but the beats do me real nice when I'm pissed off. So that's it in a nutshell sunlight and great music. And with that is a great clue to my personality. Which brings me to why I'm writing all this. Well Im starting a blog basically to get the word out on what I do, what I feel, and what I like. I have always loved to write so I just wanted to do the damn thang and get my style noticed. This blog is basically going to be a diary. What I would like to do is share some of my artwork and designs with you, some of my photography, and poetry. Also I am just going to talk about the progress of certain things to. My focus is accomplishment. I want to share as much accomplishment as I can, and abundantly accomplish. In the process of all this good fortune I want to make some friends along the way. Of coarse nothing worth having isn't free. So I guess I am going to speak on some of the things that are in my way. My obstacles are going to be thrown in the picture like hero verses villain. And what to attack an obstacle but with the power of faith itself. I will exploit these faiths in words bombed on these digital screens. Welcome to my blog.