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Sunday, January 13, 2008


Hey whassup!

People call me Sun. I don't really remember how I got the name Sun Rhythms. I can remember back in the day they used to have Night Rhythms on 92.3 (they probably still do), and I remember me asking why everything had to be about the night if it revolved around love or love making, why not the light and heat of the sun. I personally think that sunlight is one of the most sensual things. I think the name Sun Rhythms probably came about because of my many days being lost and found drifting away in my day dreams while staring at the horizon delicately kissed by water mesmerized by the cool vibes of wind. A place where I sit still and the earth and sun dances to dizzy bird songs until the stars twinkle on some hard rock at a quiet lake in a secret spot. I'm also usually known for another favorite past time where I am caught in the act of just chillin, head bobbing, a complex polyrhythmic, yet relaxing ambiance of flute and drum or trumpet and sax, maybe a lil bit of Frakie and maze, or some Sam Cooke over coat the environments temperature with a whole lot of soul, funk, blues, jazz. I mean, I don't know if there is one particular music that I like. I do know that I like jungle, down tempo beats in a car in the summer time with the window open at high speeds with a lady at the passenger. And when I'm working on something hard and complicated I like that hard and gritty metallic techno. When I'm bummed out I like gangsta beats, not always the rhymes, but the beats do me real nice when I'm pissed off. So that's it in a nutshell sunlight and great music. And with that is a great clue to my personality. Which brings me to why I'm writing all this. Well Im starting a blog basically to get the word out on what I do, what I feel, and what I like. I have always loved to write so I just wanted to do the damn thang and get my style noticed. This blog is basically going to be a diary. What I would like to do is share some of my artwork and designs with you, some of my photography, and poetry. Also I am just going to talk about the progress of certain things to. My focus is accomplishment. I want to share as much accomplishment as I can, and abundantly accomplish. In the process of all this good fortune I want to make some friends along the way. Of coarse nothing worth having isn't free. So I guess I am going to speak on some of the things that are in my way. My obstacles are going to be thrown in the picture like hero verses villain. And what to attack an obstacle but with the power of faith itself. I will exploit these faiths in words bombed on these digital screens. Welcome to my blog.

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