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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cold Starting

I'm listenin' to some cool hip hop. I made a compilation of my top ten favorite producers in Rhapsody. Something I'm probably going to post later.(mood hint::introduction).

Right now I am currently working on a design for an online gallery. Its taking me a minute to get the sketches up here but they soon will get posted. But be patient. I am creating a full journal on my design process and I want this to be my big bang to style. So in the meantime, I have decided to take a break from the design upload, and check up on my other portals and blogs like, facebook,
blackplanet, and what not. Hopefully I can finish all of this new work I'm doing, get the sketches and finished work on here, and also at
I just had an idea of redoing all of the customizations of my other blogs. I am even in the process for creating a completely different blog for this site. So stay tuned for that.

But for now, since I went and checked up on my myspace account, after months of not even thinking about it. Once there at my myspace, I was drawn to my collection of old works in the presentation. I am thinking of getting rid of it all together and making a better way to showcase and present my works. I dare not add anything new because I think it just doesn't fit the mode at all. But before I come up with the new scheme (well actually I already have) I put the works here below. Just to show where I have been. Tell me what you think. All of these designs were done before I graduated from college two years ago. There were a lot of works in this period of time that sparked my whole design reasoning and seasoning all together. Unfortunately, when in school you don't have the time to really let an art piece grow and speak for itself. Which is why I took the time to post it here. So, hopefully there is great reflection on the style and its growth. Annnnd, hopefully you like it.

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