Friday, December 24, 2010

Jump Man

I am really big and into flash sites. Especially sites done in flash with high interactive media and content, animation, and a strong content management system. One site I feel is the best at flash with CMS is the Jordan's Nike Jumpman23. It has very good animation and is updated often with new images and great stories. The site doesn't appear to be done in Flash at all. Flash sites have this typical look to them but with this one has a seamless integration with the base site, which has both html and flash embeds. The site does have a preloader, and a typical front page banner, but the site is set up in a modular grid to organize the content in an understandable and usable hierarchy.

Jordan's have always been great shoes. And people line up by the boat loads to get the next addition to the line. I don't know, maybe it's tradition, to stand in long lines and be the first to rock the newest entry. But maybe, just maybe, its the brand. The brand doesn't hold up one bit, in terms of presentation, as they follow through very well with this site. Its gorgeous, has great functionality, and the shoes and apparel are just beautiful . I mean I travel through this site checking out the retail items and i just can't get enough I have to click on Show More to see more and more and yet even some more of the items. I love how its allocated by year too; that has to probably be one of the best user friendly components I have ever seen when it comes to brands that have a tradition to release dates. The release date has always been an importance to them and this time allocation celebrates that subliminally. What this site has, which I think answers a lot of usability questions, is a use of the back button from your browser and it still has common animated functionality reversed back to its original states before page to page linked animation.

I just finished browsing and below I am sharing some of my favorites. Maybe it will come in handy this holiday season:

JumpMan23 | Footwear

Jordan Elements

Jordan 16.5 Team

Air Jordan 11 Retro

Air Jordan 13 Retro

Air Jordan 2010

Jordan Team Elite II

Jordan23 | Apparel

beanie and scarf

Jordan Franchise Translucent Jacket

Chain Link Tee

Quilted Biker Jacket

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