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Thursday, December 23, 2010

twitt-back 12|2010

twitt-back 12|2010
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Poetry Lyrics:
My LOVE is for THE DAWN,
And... I Long For Her...
Her glowing touch,
Her colorful echoes,
Her time stretched hands,
That seeketh me With Healing Warmth,
An Honored remedy repeated slow and honey glaized,
Sweetened by those Sevenths advented in a Homage,
After flirty smirks and subtle chuckle,
At My Lovely Thirsty Firsts,
Tanned by brightly lit carbon graphite bites.
On cooling lines written bleached on white.

and, I sit here in midst and in await for her liberties as raised it be in on oneness strands equal to a thousand days of placid wake on paradise shored memory as this day is president beyond the norm and boxed reproach of melancholy dismayed in complacency.
But it is just a day
And has no difference from the days before,
that pasts its brilliance into blue.
YET, ANY Day is Blessed SUN Finds
Reason within SUCH BEAUTY,
on heated temps and curvaceous hues.
Her accented lean on me is GOD’S GIFT
for her presence is GOD’S KISS and my soul is liberated far beyond rapture afterwords and called to praise in the justification and glory between me and everything ...

and I do.

I praise within the subtleties found in
between everyday breaths and a heart that
beats a mimicked logic of the universe’s
bang and big star reached heaven.

with a familiar sutra sung silently
to the fourth and back of mind
teasing at her royalty

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