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Sunday, February 10, 2008

blackberry curve 8320 review

I just had the opportunity to get a phone upgrade from t-mobile all behind a choice of getting a curve or a pearl. I really wanted a blackberry but noticed how the curve had a wi-fi connection, at the time I also thought it had GPS. To my disappointment there is no GPS but there is an option of the infamous blue tooth puck (an external global positioning system that uses blue tooth technology to refer location analysis) You can find one here: BlackBerry Accessories Store.

I absolutely love the wi-fi connection.There is a cool ability to be on a call and browse the web while connected to wi-fi. The only problem I have with wi-fi is finding an open and available signal while out and about. Well there is always T mobile hot spots around or just letting edge takeover. In wi-fi all of my pages take a noticeable, yet still minimal amount of time to load. Now after spending all the money to get the curve, I was a little disappointed in the fact that you don't have the ability to load any video or flash at all. You do, but you have to buy a third party that converts the video and its stored vids not streaming. And where is the video recorder as advertised, by the way. It would be so cool to also be able to download executable software once you get the memory upgrades. I know, I know its a PDA and to be honest the organizational options run perfectly on the blackberry. It stores every single call log and text message. In fact, there are even messages from my old phone that had long been deleted. I am going to stick with the curve for now. I even here there is going to be a new blackberry 4.3 O/S that will possibly address some of the issues I spoke of above. Like the wise man says; we'll see.

I wrote this blog entry with my blackberry curve over a wi-fi connection. If you are like me and you travel a lot and in need for T Mobile Hot Spot locations there is a list of them here: T Mobile Hot Spot Locations

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