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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wing Chun On Stage 6!!!!!!!!!

I ran across this really cool Wing Chun foreign television show on Stage 6. Its only up to its second episode in post presently, but for what I can see its definitely promising. Now, I absolutely love wing chun, or any martial arts (but wc is my favorite), for that matter, and I am incredibly excited about the show. The moves in this syndicate seem to be very authentic in their usage, approach and application. Unfortunately for me its 100% Chinese with no subs. Since I don't speak very much Chinese at all I try to follow along until the fabulous fight scenes come on. I did have a class in Mandarin but they speak too fast for me to catch on. Now if you don't know anything about wing chun it was the form of Kung Fu that Bruce Lee practiced before coming over to the states and then subsequently changing his technique to the "no way is way" application of styles called Jet Kun Do. It was started by a female Buddhist monk named Ng Mui, and basically, the application itself calls for the use of strikes that have an extreme power but lack brute force. There is also an emphasis using specially applied blocks that guard the bodies essential organs. So it would be perfect for people who have smaller or presumably weaker bodies and women wanting more abilities to protect sensitive feminine areas that have harsh effects upon injury. Wing Chun is rooted in calmness, a gentle delicate application with sound sensitivity and a perfect structure and alignment, and of course chi. Goto WikiPedia to find out some more detailed info ( you may just like it ). There is even a movie entitled Wing Chun starring Michelle Yoh . Below I posted a link to the episodes page so you can go back weekly to see if something else was uploaded. I also posted the stage 6 shows to view here. Check em out it's pretty dope.

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